John P. Booras, Property Tax Appeal Attorney

johnbooras250x286If you would like an attorney to do your property tax appeals for you, contact property tax appeals specialist John P. Booras, JD and he would be delighted to help. John is an experienced and accomplished attorney specializing in the reduction of property taxes for any and all types of commercial and residential properties. He has over 10 years of practice in the legal industry in multiple capacities, including private practice and public service.

Mr. Booras is dedicated, not only to working his craft, but helping it progress socially. He offers multiple clients pro bono service yearly so that people of all income levels can enjoy the benefits of proper legal representation.

 Expert Property Tax Consultations

  • Property Tax Appeals for Commercial & Industrial Properties
  • Corrections & Recovery of Overpaid Property Taxes for previous years
  • Professional Counseling, Guidance and Representation for the property taxpayer
  • Free property tax evaluation on a yearly basis
  • Free preliminary appraisals showing average market value

John will do a free, yearly property tax evaluation to show you how to keep your property tax bill as low as possible.

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