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  • Business strategy consulting for major companies as a recognized leader and expert in sustainable strategies. 
  •  President of Sustainable Energy Systems LLC, providing a waste-to-energy technology developed by AgriPower to waste and pulp/paper industries.
  •  Conducting research on and developing a small wind turbine developed by CITA-WIND.
  •  Director of the M.S. in Environmental Management and Sustainability program and Associate Industry Professor from 1997 through 2011 at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Stuart School of Business, one of the top such programs in the world as determined by Beyond Grey Pinstripes.
  •  Co-director of the executive education MS in Sustainability Policy and Practice program, consisting of three week-long courses per summer for three consecutive summers. The degree is offered by the National Technical University of Athens, and the program venue is different Greek islands.

windmillToday, more and more companies realize that they need to integrate environmental sustainability into their operating strategy to mitigate the deteriorating environment while improving the financial performance of the company.If you need assistance to make this happen, we can provide environmental sustainability consulting by an expert in the field

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