luisarauz250x286Luis Arauz is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist with Optimized Primate. Luis helps executives and entrepreneurs overcome the one thing preventing them from achieving an optimal state of performance and maximum resilience all day, so they can do more than most people think is possible.

Using functional lab testing of hormone, immune, digestion, detox pathways and your unique bio-individuality; blocking factors and chronic stressors that prevent you from having full function, vitality and optimal performance, can be can be identified and eliminated, so you can:

  • Dramatically outperform what your competitors typically accept
  • Build your business without destroying yourself or your team
  • Increase flow, focus & memory, to do better work even faster
  • Build resilience to maintain optimal performance even during high-stress situations
  • Eliminate performance robbing toxins and anti-nutrients
  • Understand what fuels you need to keep going all day without stimulants
  • Optimize yourself, so you can run the business you love and enjoy the success you create for as long as you want