johnkalaras250x286Dr. John N. Kalaras, Ph.D. CEO & Founder of Quality Training Institute, has a remarkable career as an ambassador of change, with excellent leadership skills, innovation and creativity. He has assisted organizations in achieving and maintaining Operational Excellence with substantial growth and astonishing profitability. As keen strategist, Dr. Kalaras truly exemplifies the “big picture” thinker, always having the foresight to envision the long-term implications of a plan and offer solutions proactively.

Dr. Kalaras has expertise in corporate reorganization, restructuring, development and growth. His deep knowledge of accounting, marketing, lean manufacturing, project and operations management, provide useful guidance and assurance to his team members. He is proficient in Six-Sigma methodologies, logistics, supply chain, cycle time reductions, value-added activities, personnel management, retention and development, Performance assessments, with a serious commitment to continuous process improvement.

Recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Kalaras has been honored with impressive accolades, such as the UNESCO recognition as “Professor of the Year 1999”, The White House recognition for Academic Excellence, Lt. Governor of Illinois and State Treasurer’s Award for Outstanding Achievements. Between the years 2005 and 2009, he served on the President’s Business Advisory Council, under President George W. Bush, responsible for academic and training issues in USA.

At the Global Plateau, Dr. Kalaras has assisted 12 countries in implementing effective operational methodologies at both business and academic arenas. As a business strategist, he has designed 15 business programs offered in the form of seminars or workshops worldwide. As an educator he has served all teaching levels of academia, while he has written several books, some of which are on Amazon.

As a key-note speaker, Dr. Kalaras has delivered main addresses at the Motivation Show in Chicago for five years at the Manufacturer’s Show in Rosemont; in 2005 he shared the podium with the then Senator Barack Obama, now President Obama, at a National Leadership Conference, Organized by the US Customs and Boarder Protection. He has also volunteered his services to community and youth organizations.