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Career Success: An Innovative Approach to Effective Networking & Interviewing

Dr. John N. Kalaras, Ph.D.


This textbook will teach you all the "how to" and "why" you should get the career you always dreamed of, the corner executive office you fantasized and the promising future with the ideal salary and benefits. You will enjoy the latest techniques on successful interviewing, state-of-the-art networking, role-played questions and answers to astonish the interviewer. This textbook provides over 500 questions for you to prepare for. There is also a workbook at the end of the textbook to ensure mastery of the material. 



Some major topics covered are: 


Modern Networking using social media


Questions and Answers for recent college graduates


Explore career opportunities in the "unpublished market"


Here, you have the "Interview Assessment" the "Do's and Don'ts" of follow-ups


What to do when you receive an offer for employment or a letter of rejection


How to handle an interview if it is conducted by:


- The Human Resource Manager

- The hiring authority

- An aggressive interviewer

- A recruiter

- A group of interviewers

- A group of interviewers via teleconference

- A technical authority through a computer

- A company representative over the phone


"We liked the fact that the book underlines the significance of preparing for a successful career well before the interview begins."


"The fact that the text is divided into three distinct parts clearly underlines the importance of what needs to take place during each part."


"I knew nothing about the unpublished market and how to take advantage of it. Now, I know where the good jobs are and how to get them first."