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To Plan or Not to Plan?

Dr. John N. Kalaras, Ph.D.

As a senior professor of Business Planning, Development and Growth, I have taught the subject of designing a Business Plan at various universities for more than 20 years. Every text I have used was fairly good, but for some reason it was missing some vitally important points. Having gone through numerous Business Planning books, I can attest that I have a pretty good idea of what should be in an effective Business Plan. In addition, I have written many Business Plans for my clients and of course for my own business.


With that in mind, I wrote this book, which in the eyes of many colleagues on mine who inspected it, it’s an all-inclusive Master Business Plan. In writing this book, my team and I, were enormously attentive to any and all possible issues that a comprehensive Business Plan should incorporate. We were fully aware of the fact that not everyone will have a need for all 90 elements incorporated in this Master Business Plan. However, we provided all 90 elements so every point will be addressed. People need a Business Plan either for a "state-up" or an existing business. Both are addressed herein.


- Dr. John N. Kalaras, Ph.D.