Target Audience: Students currently studying a profession, recent college graduates, people in career-search and professionals looking for a different or better career.

 A "Certificate of Achievement" will be awarded upon successful completion.


What will you get out of this training session? You will create resumes that open doors. Your resume will be thoroughly read by the recipient company and you will be called in for an interview. You will learn unique ways of designing resumes and professional portfolios which will differentiate you from your competition.

Resume Design

➢ Write effective cover letters; We display sample cover letters intended for different recipients           

➢ Design Astonishing Resumes - Following the SAR approach

    • Bait Resumes
    • Interview Resumes
    • Special Event Resumes

➢ Write a "Thank-you" letter

➢ Identify and list your soft/hard-intangible skills

➢ Understand the electronic elimination process

➢ Identify application information & apply its guidelines

➢ Create resumes so that they are "scaneable"

➢ Manage emails, envelopes and utilize proper business cards

➢ List and say your 1-minute commercial

➢ Do preliminary phone-interview procedures

➢ List references


Portfolio Design

➢ You will have an organized outline to complete your own personal professional portfolio (PPP)

➢ List the characteristics of 1st class PPP's

➢ List the basic principles of PPP's

➢ Present PPP's in interviews

➢ Incorporate 'Resume Design' with your PPP

➢ Build / Enhance your own portfolio 


Training Cost: Request Quote


Career Planning

Are YOU ready to take your professional career to the next level?



  • Overview
  • Networking & Job-Interviewing
  • Resume & Portfolio Design

Schedule a free consultation so we can see what areas you need to improve in your professional development. After the consultation, we help you either:

  • Build resumes appropriate to you career search and your credentials
  • Get companies to read your resumes and call you for interviews
  • Train you on proper interviewing techniques, questions and responses
  • Build proper portfolios that showcase your credentials and will astonish your future employer

In this training you will walk away knowing state-of-the-art networking and interviewing techniques. The networking skills you will learn will not only be useful for your career search but also in your professional career down the road. Read More
What will you get out of this training session? You will have resumes that will be read, ones that will interest the companies you are targeting for employment and your writing will present you professionally. You will learn how to make companies match their needs with your skills / expertise; thereby calling you for an interview. Read More