Target Audience: Near-graduating / recent college graduates, young professionals new to working industries.

A "Certificate of Achievement" will be awarded upon successful completion.

You got your job, now what? This introductory but practical workshop provides a thorough understanding of the corporate philosophy and organizational structure, enabling participants to be more effective in their career. You will be tought the fundamentals of operational management skills, business etiquette and entry level management.

➢ List & master basic management principles          

➢ List & apply entry-level professional skills

➢ Set & achieve goals in your organization

➢ Interview & communicate effectively

➢ Perform effective presentation techniques

➢ Manage time effectively

➢ Establish a professional presence

➢ Organize a plan for continual growth

➢ Distinguish between personal and professional goals

➢ Manage projects / activities and people productively

➢ Utilize available talent and skills

➢ List your strengths and weaknesses

➢ Apply management functions at the levels of skills required


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Veteran Transition Program

Serving those who served us

veteransicon440x250As long as our Veterans need and deserve assistance, QTI will be committed to providing the best education and training to help them return to civilian life as seamlessly as possible. Not an easy task, however with our multi-disciplined and unique programs, along with our highly qualified professional trainers, some of whom are Veterans themselves, we feel we can serve the few who served all of us.

In addition to career training, we provide the moral and psychological support the veterans and their families need.

➢ We go beyond training to find a “ dead-end job” or be “underemployed”
➢ We feel they deserve respectable and honorable careers to match their honorable service
➢ We educate them to design their careers and reach their potential
➢ We aid them in finding careers they can be proud of, just as they are proud of their service
➢ We help them heal their traumatic psychological wounds
➢ We give them hope and tools to conquer anything they can imagine
➢ We assist them to reconnect with their families and society
➢ But most important, we help them get their lives back!

That’s why all of our classes and workshops are exclusively offered in-person and in a classroom setting, where our Veterans can enjoy the personal attention and consideration of the trainer(s). 

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  • Leadership Program
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