Target Audience: Small business owners, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, professionals who are working on new ideas or concepts and/or want to solve a burning problem/pain and build a company. Also mid-large sized companies looking to enhance their current business plan.

A "Certificate of Achievement" is awarded upon successful completion. 


A business plan is a formal written document that provides the roadmap to successfully plan and operate a business. In this “hands-on” training session, you will master the specific actions you need to take in order to create a prosperous organization. Many people say “I have an idea but I don’t have any money”. If that’s your predicament we have the solution.

We demonstrate tested practices on how to design a successful business plan. Upon completion, you will have a sample business plan that will serve the following three purposes:

1. Information Business Plan

2. Operations Business Plan, including expansion

3. Fundraising Business Plan

Fundamentals of Business Planning

➢ Executive Summary

➢ Mission, Vision and Quality Statement

➢ Forming a Team (Co-Founders and Advisory Board)

➢ Customer problem or 'pain'

➢ Products and Services

➢ Type of Business you are in

➢ Competition & Competitive Edge

➢ Strategic Partners

➢ Management Team & Professional Advisors


➢ What is your Marketing Philosophy?

➢ Market Strategy, Market Share, Growth Strategies

➢ Scanning the Market

➢ Market Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Pricing & Demographics

➢ Stages of Market Development & New Challenges

➢ Industry Trends

➢ Customer Relationships

➢ Social Consciousness

➢ Product Mix/Product Line

➢ Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights

➢ Creativity & Innovation

➢ Competitive Analysis Chart

➢ Customer and Consumers

➢ Features vs. Benefits

➢ The Global Scalability

Operational Considerations

➢ H.R. Requirements

➢ Core Competencies required, talent development

➢ Capital Equipment

➢ Procedures/Operations/Policies

➢ Engineering and R&D

➢ Benchmarking, ISO Series Training

➢ QC Tools & Techniques

➢ Facilities Layout Considerations / Capacity Concerns & Tools Required

➢ In-house production / outsourcing

➢ Logistics, Supply-Chain Management

➢ Forecasting, MRP/CRP / JIT / Forward-Backward Scheduling

Financial Considerations

➢ Basic Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Payroll Statement)

➢ Required Funding (Start-up cost, on-going cost, back-up plan)

➢ Types of Costs: Variable, Fixed, Semi-Variable Costs

➢ Make or Buy Decision

➢ Business Revenue Model

➢ Financial Projections

➢ Budgeting & Required Funds

➢ Break-Even Point and Payback Period

Project Management Considerations

➢ Business Portfolio

➢ Business Stakeholders

➢ Risk & Uncertainty Analysis, Risk Management, Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis

➢ Project Network, Plan Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs

➢ Develop Project Teams & Assign Responsibilities

➢ Procurements & Outsourcing

➢ Mergers & Acquisitions

Long-Term Strategy

➢ Pass it on to family members

➢ Exit by selling

➢ Exit by merger or acquisition


Training Cost: Request Quote

Veteran Transition Program

Serving those who served us

veteransicon440x250As long as our Veterans need and deserve assistance, QTI will be committed to providing the best education and training to help them return to civilian life as seamlessly as possible. Not an easy task, however with our multi-disciplined and unique programs, along with our highly qualified professional trainers, some of whom are Veterans themselves, we feel we can serve the few who served all of us.

In addition to career training, we provide the moral and psychological support the veterans and their families need.

➢ We go beyond training to find a “ dead-end job” or be “underemployed”
➢ We feel they deserve respectable and honorable careers to match their honorable service
➢ We educate them to design their careers and reach their potential
➢ We aid them in finding careers they can be proud of, just as they are proud of their service
➢ We help them heal their traumatic psychological wounds
➢ We give them hope and tools to conquer anything they can imagine
➢ We assist them to reconnect with their families and society
➢ But most important, we help them get their lives back!

That’s why all of our classes and workshops are exclusively offered in-person and in a classroom setting, where our Veterans can enjoy the personal attention and consideration of the trainer(s). 

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