Target Audience: Small business owners, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, professionals who are working on new ideas or concepts and/or want to solve a burning problem/pain and build a company. Also mid-large sized companies looking to enhance their current business plan.

A "Certificate of Achievement" is awarded upon successful completion. 


A business plan is a formal written document that provides the roadmap to successfully plan and operate a business. In this “hands-on” training session, you will master the specific actions you need to take in order to create a prosperous organization. Many people say “I have an idea but I don’t have any money”. If that’s your predicament we have the solution.

We demonstrate tested practices on how to design a successful business plan. Upon completion, you will have a sample business plan that will serve the following three purposes:

1. Information Business Plan

2. Operations Business Plan, including expansion

3. Fundraising Business Plan

Fundamentals of Business Planning

➢ Executive Summary

➢ Mission, Vision and Quality Statement

➢ Forming a Team (Co-Founders and Advisory Board)

➢ Customer problem or 'pain'

➢ Products and Services

➢ Type of Business you are in

➢ Competition & Competitive Edge

➢ Strategic Partners

➢ Management Team & Professional Advisors


➢ What is your Marketing Philosophy?

➢ Market Strategy, Market Share, Growth Strategies

➢ Scanning the Market

➢ Market Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Pricing & Demographics

➢ Stages of Market Development & New Challenges

➢ Industry Trends

➢ Customer Relationships

➢ Social Consciousness

➢ Product Mix/Product Line

➢ Patents/Trademarks/Copyrights

➢ Creativity & Innovation

➢ Competitive Analysis Chart

➢ Customer and Consumers

➢ Features vs. Benefits

➢ The Global Scalability

Operational Considerations

➢ H.R. Requirements

➢ Core Competencies required, talent development

➢ Capital Equipment

➢ Procedures/Operations/Policies

➢ Engineering and R&D

➢ Benchmarking, ISO Series Training

➢ QC Tools & Techniques

➢ Facilities Layout Considerations / Capacity Concerns & Tools Required

➢ In-house production / outsourcing

➢ Logistics, Supply-Chain Management

➢ Forecasting, MRP/CRP / JIT / Forward-Backward Scheduling

Financial Considerations

➢ Basic Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Payroll Statement)

➢ Required Funding (Start-up cost, on-going cost, back-up plan)

➢ Types of Costs: Variable, Fixed, Semi-Variable Costs

➢ Make or Buy Decision

➢ Business Revenue Model

➢ Financial Projections

➢ Budgeting & Required Funds

➢ Break-Even Point and Payback Period

Project Management Considerations

➢ Business Portfolio

➢ Business Stakeholders

➢ Risk & Uncertainty Analysis, Risk Management, Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis

➢ Project Network, Plan Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs

➢ Develop Project Teams & Assign Responsibilities

➢ Procurements & Outsourcing

➢ Mergers & Acquisitions

Long-Term Strategy

➢ Pass it on to family members

➢ Exit by selling

➢ Exit by merger or acquisition


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