carlosgabler250x286Dr. Carlos Gabler, Ph.D. is a senior grassroots leader and an inspirational speaker in Latino communities across the Midwest and in California. During the last three years, he has held more than 100 conferences on issues such as health, nutrition, ravage of chronic diseases, public policy and community empowerment. He has also held workshops on education, emigration, family relationships and the intergenerational gap, personal growth and lifecycle transformations using the tools of Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programing.

In Chile, Dr. Gabler was a student leader, junior personal assistant of President Salvador Allende, received a Bachelor in Sociology and pursued a Masters in Industrial Engineering that he couldn't finish because in 1973, the military coup sent him into a political exile for 17 years. While living in Colombia, he earned a Masters in Political Science from Universidad de los Andes and taught in several universities in various South American countries.

Dr. Gabler went to Madison, WI in 1979 where he received a Masters and a Doctorate in Sociology. In Chicago, he has been a researcher, an administrator and a professor in various colleges and universities for 25 years; he was one of the founders of the first bilingual college in the nation (St. Augustine College-SAC), President of the Industrial Engineering College, founder of the ASPIRA Technical College, and participated in the creation of two middle school and four high schools within the charter school movement in the Puerto Rican and Mexican neighborhoods.

In 2009, Dr. Gabler took a long sabbatical to fight a very aggressive type of head and neck cancer. In 2011, during his recovery process took a course in Program Management with Dr. Kalaras. Inspired by his example made the commitment to devote his time in retirement to enlighten the Latino community.