Target Audience: Department heads, top management. People looking to refine their business fundamentals. 

A "Certificate of Achievement" will be awarded upon successful completion.


This training session is designed to provide the essentials of three major aspects of business: Accounting, Management and Marketing with a Capstone Project. In today's business world, some of the challenges are building silos and departmentalization is a common problem.

In Universities and other Educational Institutions, accounting, management and marketing are taught as atonomous and unique functions. While this way of teaching is great, the missing ingredient is how one affects the other and ultimately how they all interrelate to function within an organization.

With these essentials and our approach, managers of such departments will be communicating more effectively and productivity / efficiency will improve. This course doesn't simply define what each function does, but it is designed to teach the understanding of how other departments function, what their needs are and how your department's contribution to the company is synergized as opposed to conflicting and being counter-productive. 

Part 1: Accounting

➢ Revenue, Expense, Net Income and P&L

➢ Basic Accounting Equation

➢ Balance Sheets

➢ Ledgers, Debits, Credits

➢ Trial Balances

➢ Inventory Techniques

➢ Depreciation Techniques

➢ Account Adjustments

➢ Budgets and Forecasts

➢ End of the Period Statements

➢ Profits, Profitability and ROI

➢ Break-Even Analysis and effect on organizations

*Case-Studies are assigned and are due before Part 2 begins

Part 2: Management

➢ Functions of Management

➢ Vision, Mission, Quality Statement and Ethics

➢ Effective Management Tools

➢ Evolution of Management-Global Approach

➢ Managing Diversity and Different Cultures

➢ Chain of Command - Span of Control

➢ Job Design, Responsibility, Accountability

➢ Delegation-Empowerment

➢ Management-Productivity-Efficiency-Effectiveness

➢ Operational Excellence

➢ Team Approach-Leadership

➢ Effective Communication Skills

*Case-Studies are assigned and due before Part 3 begins 

Part 3: Marketing

➢ The Market Strategy

➢ Marketing- Organizational Goals

➢ Setting-Achieving Marketing Objectives

➢ Marketing Environment Significance

➢ Marketing Evolution

➢ Marketing Social Responsibilities

➢ Influence on Corporate Culture

➢ Account Adjustments

➢ How-when-why people buy?

➢ Marketing & Global Business Systems

➢ Buying Decision Process

➢ Industrial-Organizational-Customer Purchasing

➢ Six Ps of Marketing

➢ Types of Products & Markets

➢ Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Pricing

➢ Market Share, Growth & Development

➢ Product Mix, Advertising, PR, Sales Promotions

*Case-Studies are assigned and due before Part 4 begins

Part 4: Capstone Project

The capstone project is designed to encourage participants to think critically, solve challenging issues and develop research and teamwork skills. However, the most important benefit is that it improves communication between the departmental managers. 

In addition to applying cases during the three sections, the fourth section is devoted to a comprehensive project that encompasses all three aspects covered in the three previous sections. At this point the participants obtain a thorough understanding of not only how each division functions, but also how such actions affect the other departments and their impact on the overall organization. All of this is reflected in the compehensive project they design and submit. 


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Veteran Transition Program

Serving those who served us

veteransicon440x250As long as our Veterans need and deserve assistance, QTI will be committed to providing the best education and training to help them return to civilian life as seamlessly as possible. Not an easy task, however with our multi-disciplined and unique programs, along with our highly qualified professional trainers, some of whom are Veterans themselves, we feel we can serve the few who served all of us.

In addition to career training, we provide the moral and psychological support the veterans and their families need.

➢ We go beyond training to find a “ dead-end job” or be “underemployed”
➢ We feel they deserve respectable and honorable careers to match their honorable service
➢ We educate them to design their careers and reach their potential
➢ We aid them in finding careers they can be proud of, just as they are proud of their service
➢ We help them heal their traumatic psychological wounds
➢ We give them hope and tools to conquer anything they can imagine
➢ We assist them to reconnect with their families and society
➢ But most important, we help them get their lives back!

That’s why all of our classes and workshops are exclusively offered in-person and in a classroom setting, where our Veterans can enjoy the personal attention and consideration of the trainer(s). 

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