Target Audience: Project leaders, program and product managers, system analysts and other professionals with a fairly strong business background, improving their project management skills. 

A "Certificate of Achievement" will be awarded upon successful completion.


This training session is designed to give you all the practical skills and techniques to become an effective Project Manager. Given that a project is a continuous endeavor, that has a clearly definable objective, must meet certain specification criteria, consumes resources and operates under time, funding and quality constraints, has a starting and finishing date and requires coordination, synergy and orchestration of activities, you will appreciate the content described below. This information will help you pass PMI certification.

➢ Define Project Management / Manager

➢ Synchronize Corporate Strategy & Project Integration

➢ Set project goal setting & achieving effectively

➢ List factors affecting Project Management

➢ Develop effective PM skills

➢ Identify PM basic functions

➢ Calculate resource determination

➢ Set effective team-building rules

➢ Instill the desire to buy-in

➢ Establish project logistics & network

➢ Establish project configuration / master plan

➢ Set project scheduling techniques

➢ Perform multitasking-operation overlapping / splitting

➢ Foresee project flexibility & expandibility

➢ Integrate PM in the Matrix Organizational Structure

➢ Identify project responsibility and set accountability

➢ Distinguish between delegation & empowerment in PM

➢ Establish effective communication techniques

➢ Set uniformity in project progress reporting

➢ Work with a PERT, GANTT & CPM

➢ Determine critical path & slack time

➢ Identify project limitations & exclusions

➢ Identify WBS, milestones, tasks, activities

➢ Outsource, RFQ, RFI, RFP

➢ Identify powers of inherent in Project Management

➢ Conduct effective meetings

➢ Conduct effective meetings; resolve conflict in PM

➢ Deliver projects successfully


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