Target Audience: Professionals looking to increase their success in selling ideas, products or services, Improve their productivity and the productivity of the organization. Strengthen Teamwork. Quickly and effectively prevent & resolve conflict


enerpacenewadBehavioral research suggests that people who truly understand themselves are the most effective at developing strategies necessary to successfully meet the demands for their environment. The Dynamic Communications Workshop is designed to increase your understanding of yourself and others so you can more effectively communicate, leverage your leadership strengths and increase your sales effectiveness! Upon completion, you will walk away from this fast paced, fun session with:

➢ An understanding of your communication style and the impact it has on others

➢ Knowledge of the four Behavioral Styles, their strengths, Achilles heel and value to the team

➢ A list of behavioral cues that allow you to identify other's styles

➢ Strategies to effectively communicate with, and sell to, each style

➢ Tools to use to adjust your style in any situation to create a more powerful impact

In our longer sessions, each participant receives a personalized Success Insights report highlighting how you handle:

➢ Problems & Challenges

➢ People and situations where you need to influence others

➢ Change and the pace of various environments

➢ Rules and procedures set by others


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