Target Audience: Anyone who needs to sell professionally for their job, their career search or to build their business; anyone who needs to sell themselves or their ideas


enerpacenewadOur inner dialogue is often our biggest sales obstacle! Whether you call it a Gremlin, Saboteur, Limiting Belief or Inner Critic, the net result is the same: You stay stuck and unable to complete the actions that will improve your sales results. Stop dreading sales! You can feel comfortable selling yourself, your service, your company and/or your product. We will demonstrate how the tool of coaching can be used on a participant’s real sales challenge to create lasting change and move them into action. Upon completion, you will be able to:

➢ Identify the self-talk that is holding you back

➢ Discover the neurological and psychological roots of the limiting beliefs that all human beings share

➢ Overcome the top five sales limiting beliefs we all face

➢ Share the best practices, tips, tools and tactics to tackle these sales challenges


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