Target Audience: Recent college graduates, young professionals new to industries, professionals looking to build or enhance their leadership skills. Can even be presented to high-school or pre-college level students.

A "Certificate of Achievement" will be awarded upon successful completion.


This training session provides all the introductory tools to make you a successful leader. It will cultivate ideas to become self-inspired and develop a sense of confidence of who you are and what your unique purpose in life is. You will be able to lead and guide individuals, teams and organizations to success. This workshop will open your senses and re-view your way of approach and execution towards matters. Soon, you will be able to defy all odds and astonish the critics! Upon completion, you will be able to:

➢ Differentiate between managers and leaders         

➢ Build self-discipline, positve mental attitude, direction, dimension, control

➢ Develop your positive self-esteem and vision

➢ Develop a quality driven & results oriented behavior

➢ List the traits of a leader

➢ Become an ambassador of change

➢ List organizational skills that pertain to responsibility, accountability, dependability

➢ List the characteristics that drive honesty, trust, distinction, morality and confidence

➢ Develop your code of conduct

➢ Improve innovation and creativity skills

➢ Define and apply competition, empowerment and delegation

➢ List time management, scheduling, note-taking principles

➢ Relate success to leadership and leadership to ethics

➢ Differentiate between motives and incentives

➢ Differentiate between maximization and optimization

➢ Synergize and synchronize with other professionals-departments

➢ Differentiate between sympathy and empathy

➢ Explain the C-I-A approach

➢ List and utilize tools for successful implementation

➢ List communication styles

➢ SWOT analysis

➢ Manage conflict

➢ Negotiate tactfully


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