Target Audience: Leaders of organizations, top management, CEO's; Executives and ambassadors of sustainable change who wish to lead self-directed teams productively, effectively and efficiently.

A "Certificate of Achievement" will be awarded upon successful completion.


At the C-Executive Level, we show executives how to acquire and maintain the artistic charisma to influence others to follow them willingly in doing something positive. In our other leadership programs, we teach the attributes of effective managers vs inspirational leaders. Here, we show the differences between good and great leaders. Good leaders inspire people to have confidence in them. Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves. Upon completion, you will be able to:

➢ Elevate from a transactional to a transformational leader

➢ Create a win-win environment conducive to a positive cultural understanding and change

➢ Encourage creativity, promote trust, integrity and respect

➢ Lead your team to high levels of excellence

➢ Transform strategic vision into effective operational processes

➢ Recognize, comprise and cultivate the profile of an effective team

➢ Turn a traditional problem solving approach into opportunities for growth and development

➢ Understand the new responsibilities of top management

➢ Increase productivity and team performance by identifying the behavioral styles of people

➢ Develop an executive style of leadership that brings results productivly and ethically

➢ Build secure, confident, self-motivated professionals 

➢ Encourage out-of-the-box thinking

➢ Become an ambassador of change

➢ Transform myopic managers to motivational leaders

➢ Assess effectiveness of collaboration and trust in the workplace

➢ Benchmarking

➢ Build employee morale and driving out fear

➢ Build positive mental attitude, image, dimension and esteem

➢ Strengthen people's commitment to a business

➢ Cost minimization vs cost optimization


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