Target Audience: Anyone who needs to speak or present for their career or business; those who want to raise their speaking performance to the next level.


enerpacenewadDo you need to speak as part of your career or business? That makes you a vocal professional who is reliant on your voice for your livelihood. It’s not just the news anchors and actors who are vocal professionals. Whether you participate in conference calls, teach a class, lead training or present across the table or at the front of a room, your voice is a significant part of your professional brand.

What does your voice say about your brand? Are you uncomfortable speaking publically? Our unique approach will make you a more effective speaker! We provide lots of opportunities to practice, tips to try and a safe and encouraging environment so you can find what works best for you. Harness the power of the Communication Pyramid. Upon completion, you will be able to:

➢ Observe best practices of great speakers to identify the characteristics that make them powerful presenters

➢ Explore the 3 core components of the Communication Pyramid and practice putting them into action

➢ Learn how to redesign vocal imperfections and speak with the clear, strong sound of your real voice

➢ Discover how to move with confidence, replacing weak, awkward gestures with freedom of movement while speaking

➢ Tap into your core values so your words will have conviction, power and genuine impact


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