Target Audience: Companies / individuals looking for help on the approach, implementation and maintenance of RCA and CAPA


The problem with business isn’t that there are problems, but that so often the solutions we use to correct the problems cause unintended consequences. Root Cause Analysis provides the tools that dig beneath the surface of the problems to discover some of the interactions and “pressure points” that created the problems in the first place. Frequently, it is easy to blame an individual who “should have known better”, punish her, only to see the problem arise again. Asking “Five Why’s” or doing “Fishboning” starts us down the right path, but the most important part of problem solving is knowing that it won’t return. One prominent business leader remarked that he didn’t mind problems. He observed that problems always end up putting money into the bank. “I just want to make sure that when problems happen, the money goes into MY bank.” The point is that he wanted to make certain his company benefitted from the discovery and solution to the problem . . . not someone else.

Every ISO 9001 or related quality management system includes a corrective and preventive action clause. Organizations can view these as opportunities to blame or opportunities to improve. We view the CAPA approach as ways of putting money into YOUR bank. We help with the approach, implementation, and maintenance of these systems.

Following this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand various problem solving techniques and root cause analysis
  • Identify how root cause analysis and corrective actions can simplify work
  • Utilize the tools of quality management to improve the participant's quality management system
  • Develop an outline of an effective CAPA system
  • Review key problem solving tools
  • Exercise the use of problem solving tools
  • Demonstrate how root cause analysis works
  • Outline the ISO 9001:2015 approach to corrective actions and improvements
  • Review the 8D problem solving methodology
  • Experience a problem solving team meeting


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