ASQ Test Preparation Course

Target Audience: People who want to pass the CRE exam for ASQ certification.


This training session was developed to help you pass the CRE exam for ASQ Certification. There are sign-up deadlines for this exam on the ASQ website! Do this prior to registering here. This certification you are preparing for applies to professionals who need to understand the principles of evaluating performance and prediction in order to develop and improve product and system safety, reliability, availability, and maintainability.

An individual who is qualified as an ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer is able to recognize the interrelationship between quality and reliability to ensure products meet the customer requirements as built as well as for the duration of the products’ expected life. These tools help establish warrantees and warrantee costs based on the statistical analysis of design and test results.

The basic requirements include at least 8 years of on-the-job experience in one of more of the areas of the CRE body of knowledge with at least 3 years in a decision-making position, which may or may not include management or supervisory positions. However, college experience can be substituted for work experience, generally on a one-to-one year exchange.

The exam itself is offered through the ASQ and consists of 150 questions which must be completed within 4 hours. It is offered in English and covers the published body of knowledge:

Reliability Management

➢ Strategic Management    

➢ Reliability Program Management

➢ Ethics, Safety & Liability

Probability and Statistics
for Reliability

➢ Basic Concepts

➢ Statistical Inference

Reliability in Design and Development

➢ Reliability Design Techniques

➢ Parts and Systems Management

Reliability Modeling and Predictions

Reliability Testing

➢ Reliability Test Planning

➢ Test During Development

➢ Product Testing

Maintainability and Availability

➢ Management Strategies

➢ Maintenance and Testing Analysis

Data Collection and Use

➢ Data Collection

➢ Data Use

➢ Failure Analysis and Correction


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