ASQ Test Preparation Course

Target Audience: People who want to pass the CQA exam for ASQ certification 


This training session is geared toward helping you pass the CQA exam for ASQ certification. Today, ISO 9001 and its associated standards have become the basis for most effective quality management systems. This international standard allows potential customers, domestic and foreign, recognize those registered organizations as having met the basic organizational criteria for doing business.

An important part of this management system consists of organizational self-examination...regular reviews of their practices to ensure continual improvement. An internal audit conducted by ASQ certified auditors creates a level of credibility and authenticity not available to other internal audits. The ASQ CQA focuses on adding value through the audit process rather than merely capturing mistakes. At QTI, we emphasize that internal audits must benefit the organization in ways that improve the bottom line. Value based auditing. It makes sense, and it works!

The exam itself is offered through the ASQ. It is "open book" and consists of 150 questions which must be completed within 5 hours. Approximately 25-30 questions will involve "case study" questions with the typical multiple choice answer, but the questions will involve critical thinking and the use of scenario details for answering the questions. It is offered in English and covers the most recent published body of knowledge:

  • Auditing Fundamentals
    • Types of quality audits
    • Purpose and scope of audits
    • Criteria to audit against
    • Roles and responsibilities of audit participants
    • Professional conduct and consequences for auditors
  • Audit Process
    • Audit Preparation and planning
    • Audit Performance
    • Audit Reporting
    • Audit Follow-up and Closure
  • Auditor Competencies
    • Auditor characteristics
    • On-site audit resource management
    • Conflict resolution
    • Communication and presentation techniques
    • Interviewing techniques
    • Team dynamics
  • Audit Program Management and Business Applications (30 Questions)
    • Audit Program Management
    • Business and Financial Impact
  • Quality Tools & Techniques
    • Basic quality and problem-solving tools
    • Process improvement techniques
    • Basic statistics
    • Process variation
    • Sampling methods
    • Change control and configuration management
    • Verification and validation
    • Risk management tools


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