Target Audience: Quality Control, Companies looking to incorporate FMEA

A "Certificate of Achievement" is awarded upon successful completion.


Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) is a risk management system. In every process, there is a risk that something will go wrong. Whether or not you evaluate the risk, the risk remains. The concept behind FMEA is that it is better to understand the risks of an operation, and have a good exit strategy for when the process may take a turn for the worse. Those who fail to develop these reaction plans have to face the problems on the fly and develop a strategy at the worst possible moment. Imagine a building with no fire exit plan, with no meeting place for people who have left the building, and with no practice in walking through the safety plan.

FMEAs allow the same safeguards to insure a well thought out approach to your manufacturing operations. Participants who complete this course are able to break down your processes into their incremental steps, address what can go wrong, and prioritize the worst cases. The also see how FMEAs can link into the Control Plans and the individual work steps to communicate to operators and supervisors what to do when problems arise.

This course is based on the requirements of the AIAG for Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) training and information. The coruse covers teh following topics:

  • General FMEA Guidelines
    • Impact on organization and management
    • FMEA Explained
    • Follow-up and Continuous Improvement
  • Overview of FMEA Strategy, Planning and Implementation
    • Basic Structure
    • Approach
    • Management Responsibility
  • Design FMEAs: Development of a Design FMEA
    • Prerequisites
    • Examples of DFMEA
    • Maintaining DFMEAs
    • Leveraging DFMEAs
    • Linkages to PFMEAs
  • Process FMEAs: Development of a Process FMEA
    • Prerequisites
    • Examples of PFMEA
    • Maintaining PFMEAs
    • Leveraging PFMEAs
    • Linkages to DFMEAs
  • Sample Forms
  • System Level FMEA
  • Alternative Risk Assessments
  • Alternative Analysis Techniques


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