Target Audience: Primarily designed for entry and middle-level management; Companies looking to implement ISO, learn the latest updates, gain an understanding if new to the concept. Managers who currently operate under ISO 9001 system.

 A "Certificate of Achievement" is awarded upon successful completion.


The ISO 9001 Standard has been part of the business culture since 1987. Today, registration is often the membership card to doing business. The reason for this is that this standard covers basic principles of good business practices. Many industries, from automotive and aerospace, to banking, healthcare, and telecommunications as well as others have created international standards based on ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is at the core of good business practices.

Every 6 to 8 years ISO undergoes a change. Every other change is a major update. 2015 and leading into 2016 marks another one of those major updates. The ISO 9001 Overview seminar goes over the updates and provides the participant with information on how to address the changes. We review the entire standard and provide suggestions on meeting the requirements.

This course is for managers who currently operate under an ISO 9001 system as well as for those considering introducing ISO 9001 into their organizations. We anticipate a lively discussion from our leaders and strong interactions among the participants.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the structure and fundamentals of ISO 9001:2015
  • Identify the benefits of implementing an ISO 9001 system
  • Get an idea of the time and cost needed to implement the ISO 9001 system
  • Understand the Seven Principles underlying the ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Experience the ISO 9001 culture
  • Explain the I-P-O system of process controls
  • Explain the four key concepts involved in Risk Management
  • Be able to clarify the context of an organization
  • Identify the Interested Parties critical to your organizational success
  • Determine the scope of your Quality Management System
  • Understand the document requirements for your organization
  • Identify the leadership responsibilities
  • Manage change within the organization
  • Identify the three areas critical to support of your organization
  • Know how to identify, manage, and control the measurement and monitoring resources
  • Understand the requirements for providing products and services to your customers
  • Understand the process requirements for designing products and services
  • Understand the requirements for provision of products and services and post-delivery requirements
  • Develop controls for non-conforming products
  • Know which tools will help you evaluate the organizational performance
  • Have the ability to manage and capture improvements for your organization


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Veteran Transition Program

Serving those who served us

veteransicon440x250As long as our Veterans need and deserve assistance, QTI will be committed to providing the best education and training to help them return to civilian life as seamlessly as possible. Not an easy task, however with our multi-disciplined and unique programs, along with our highly qualified professional trainers, some of whom are Veterans themselves, we feel we can serve the few who served all of us.

In addition to career training, we provide the moral and psychological support the veterans and their families need.

➢ We go beyond training to find a “ dead-end job” or be “underemployed”
➢ We feel they deserve respectable and honorable careers to match their honorable service
➢ We educate them to design their careers and reach their potential
➢ We aid them in finding careers they can be proud of, just as they are proud of their service
➢ We help them heal their traumatic psychological wounds
➢ We give them hope and tools to conquer anything they can imagine
➢ We assist them to reconnect with their families and society
➢ But most important, we help them get their lives back!

That’s why all of our classes and workshops are exclusively offered in-person and in a classroom setting, where our Veterans can enjoy the personal attention and consideration of the trainer(s). 

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  • Leadership Program
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