Target Audience: Ideal for small-mid sized business looking to gain a competitve advantage through digital media. Companies looking to gain a competitve advantage through implementing social and digital media marketing techniques. Businesses that want to utilize such techniques but aren't sure where to start.


The Introduction to Digital Marketing training addresses the complexities of digital marketing, simplified. Today, anyone can buy anything, from anyplace, at any time… online. So, in order for your business to compete, you’ll need to know why it’s critical for your business to learn about social media, pay-per-click and today’s customer buying behaviors. Whether you have a local small business, or your business is well-established entering the digital marketing arena, this webinar will give you a new perspective as to how to win new business! Attend and you will learn:

The Digital Marketing “Trifecta”:

  • Owned Media
  • Paid Media
  • Earned Media

Social Media:

  • What exactly is social?
  • Social media behaviors
  • The social media

Today’s Customer Profile:

  • Who are they and how do they think?
  • Today’s customer expectations
  • How to give them what they want

And more:

  • SEO, how it works and why it's so important
  • The Mobile Trend - Why businesses MUST go mobile
  • Mobile Friendly Resources
  • Working with social media beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Introducing other Digital Media Platforms
  • Social Media Best Practices: How NOT to turn-off customers
  • How your digital marketing translates to your business ROI


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