PeterWillert250x286Peter Willert has navigated through his own life’s work as an educator, coach, personal wellness consultant, business development professional and entrepreneur.  A graduate of DePaul University (BA) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (MS), he is founder and president of the John Anthony George Foundation, a fully recognized 501c3.  Currently, his professional work includes a fully operational wellness practice, adjunct professorship at North Park University, Wright College and Mercy College of Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA. and wide-ranging sports officiating and events planning responsibilities.    

His bookAn Uncommon Way Forwardis the central expression of his work on Portfolio Career Employment.  While this book is at once self-instructive, he is happy to elaborate on its possibilities in the lecture, workshop and one-on-one formats. 

Presently, much of his work is devoted to assisting new, middle and advanced career individuals determine their professional strengths and aptitudes through a Career Readiness and Wellness Assessment. Much like a health checkup, this online tool affords the individual to assess their career preparedness according to 10 carefully selected career competencies. QTI is an important partner now in their support of this new initiative as provided through workshop and webinar formats at the institute. 

A resident of Chicago, IL, Peter can be found blogging at with those seeking to share their life’s work vision and career experiences:  He can also be followed on Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.