lashonwatkins250x286LaShon Watkins brings over 15 years of financial and executive technical leadership experience in the secondary financial market place. With the knowledge of local and world regulations, Mr. Watkins has provided even some of the most influential persons or organizations through the struggles of finding financial peace by helping them to first acknowledge there place in the private financial arena.

Mr. Watkins has demonstrated through his remarkable career as an Ambassador of Change, that his excellent Leadership skills, Innovation and Creativity, has assisted organizations in achieving and maintaining Operational Excellence with substantial growth and astonishing profitability. Mr. Watkins states: As a keen strategist, I truly exemplify the “big picture” thinker, always having the foresight to envision the long-term implications of a plan and offer solutions proactively.

Mr. Watkins has been always regarded as a strong, effective leader across functions and regions. Leveraging inclusive and collaborative partnerships to deliver sustained business and organizational growth. Forever challenges self and status quo to push boundaries and to consistently raise the bar.

A Husband, Trailblazer, Executive, and Financial Leader, he is a person of substance rooted, grounded and always expecting the outcome even before the outcome presents itself. Never quick to make a decision but will always allow the decision to make a grand entrance!