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Do You Want Resumes That Open Doors?

Do You Want Resumes That Open Doors?

First you need to understand this axiomatic statement:

No one was ever hired based on the resume alone, but many have been eliminated because of it.

This statement sets the stage for the significance of resume properness, accuracy and professionalism.

The next thing you need to understand is the types of resumes you should have. By types, we don't mean have one for marketing and a different one for management jobs. What we mean by different types is the structure and appearance of it. So, for your marketing jobs, should have three types of resume; the same for your management, and so on.

The three types are:

The Bait resume is one page and we send it out to trigger someone's interest to contact you.

The Interview resume, is the one you leave behind after the interview and could be 3-5 pages long.

The Special events resume is the one that targets specific people or openings and has a special structure.

The next element we will address is structure and content.

QTI retained professional psychologists to guide us on the design of our documents. They told us a document divided in three segments is the most appealing. And that's exactly how we design our clients' resumes and they have seen major response and great results. Here are the three segments you need to make sure are included in your resumes

In the first, you need to show:

  1. Name and personal information, two lines only
  3. Special attributes, 2-3 lines
  4. Executive summary, up to five lines
  5. Skills, the top 6-8 skills that best pertain to the position at hand

In the second, show your work experience; the last three jobs will suffice. The uniqueness of our approach lies in the structure and presentation of work experience. While everyone uses past tense to describe work experience, we suggest the SAR approach: Situation-Action-Result.

Situation: When I started at co. XYZ the following was going on (you describe the scenario)

Action: I took the following steps; organized the department, implemented 6-sigma techniques etc.

Result: The company saved five million dollars, or it improved sales by 20%

In the third segment show your education, awards, recognitions, volunteer work etc.

The subject of resumes is important but also lengthy; I have 8 additional "tips" on resume design that you will not find anywhere else online.


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Monday, 22 January 2018