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Can Timing Make or Break your Entire Business?

Can Timing Make or Break your Entire Business?

Timing is vital to your business. Whether it's a business plan, a negotiation, a customer relationship, a product launch, a presentation, a marketing campaign, a proposal, a production team, or an entire corporation, the more efficient your timing is the better off your business will be.

Timing is vitally important to YOU, Inc. (your biology) as well, because it must follow an endogenously generated almost 24-hour schedule known as circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm regulates and coordinates internal metabolic processes like sleeping, feeding, core body temperature, brainwave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration and other biological activities. If timing is off in any of those departments, chaos will result throughout YOU, Inc.

What would happen to a business if it could not control, anticipate or monitor the receiving of raw materials and the delivery or finished products.

If you've ever experienced jet lag and its symptoms of fatigue, disorientation, and insomnia, then you know what it feels like when YOU, Inc.'s timing is off. Jet lag persists until the circadian rhythm is brought into sync with local time, after all moving your entire company to a different country will affect business for a little while, wouldn't it?

In order to effectively manage timing and grow a business, the executive team's timing must operate faster than the rest of the company to ensure communications and operations, so business plans are achieved without bottlenecks.

YOU, Inc.'s executive team has a similar problem. The primary "clock" that keeps timing in YOU, Inc. known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), located in the hypothalamus, which in the oldest areas of the brain and part of YOU, Inc.'s Board of Directors. The SCN must operate faster than all the other departments in YOU, Inc. But speed alone doesn't solve problems.

When a shipment doesn't show up on time, or you're a seasonal business, you need to alter business operations & timing. Being flexible is a business advantage.

Although circadian rhythms are set by your DNA (YOU Inc.'s business plan), just like a business plan they can be changed as needed based external environmental signals. Researchers at Harvard have shown that human SCN can adjust to a 23.5-hour cycle (Earth) and a 24.65-hour cycle (Mars).

Changing circadian rhythms gives YOU, Inc an evolutionary advantage to predict and prepare for environmental changes to take advantage of resources (e.g. light, water and food) compared to those who can't.

But if YOU, Inc. can't accurately tell time or respond fast enough to signals from the environment YOU, Inc.'s executive team will affected by a number of malfunctions,

  • Bipolar disorder,
  • Increased exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Unnecessary risk taking
  • Lack of creativity
  • Anxiety
  • Poor performance on mental tasks and concentration,
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Digestion.

​But, what if you're constantly getting the wrong delivery time from your suppliers or your seasonal timing is always wrong and you pull your most profitable SKUs at the wrong time? Your business will suffer by losing, time, customers, reputation and money.

Long term chronic circadian disruptions from eating at the wrong times, artificial lights, shift work or insufficient sleep recovery have significant negative performance consequences on YOU, Inc. departments outside the brain's executive suite, such as

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Type 2 Diabetes, cancer,
  • Oxidative stress
  • Cell metabolism,
  • Immune and inflammatory responses,
  • Epigenetic changes,
  • hypoxia/hyperoxia response pathways,
  • Autophagy
  • Stem cell regulation

But, these problems aren't just because of one clock, YOU Inc has clocks all through out the organization and they all need to be synced together or else YOU, Inc will suffer terrible losses.

I hope you understand that YOU, Inc.'s timing MUST be incredibly accurate or it will break your business.

Click on the link YOU Inc Has More Than One Clock, to understand how you sync time throughout YOU Inc.


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